Enterprise Plus includes all the features offered with the Enterprise package but also includes higher level management features.
Enterprise Plus only Features
Fully Branded White-Label Portal
Fully Branded
White-Label Portal

Looking for a fully branded portal experience to perhaps resell under your own brand?

The Enterprise Plus package allows you to set up your own fully branded login dashboard including custom url. No Snappic branding is visible so you are able to pass the software off as your own.

Create And Manage
Sub Accounts

The Enterprise Plus package allows you to create and manage multiple sub-accounts under your main master account. Each sub-account has their own log in portal which is fully branded with your company branding.

Sub-accounts are a great way to keep your clients’ events separate. If you provide drop off rentals then your client would only have access to their own events and they would never be exposed to your events or other clients’ events.

Create And Manage Sub Accounts
Grey Label App
Grey-Label App

The Enterprise Plus package gives you access to our grey-label app.

The grey-label app has no Snappic branding and, along with the white-label dashboard, is the ideal package to provide/sell Snappic as your own software to your clients.

Enterprise Plus also includes an event code option that allows you to send an event code to a client, giving them direct access to a specific event that the code is linked to.

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