Why Experiential Marketing Is Important Today And How Photobooths Can Help You

Sometimes called participation marketing, experiences that are designed to promote a product or brand can make all the difference in getting you noticed. To put it simply, when you provide potential clients with an experience rather than simply telling them about something, they will have so much more to take away and reflect on. In an age where many traditional marketing methods – such as newspaper adverts and TV commercials – go virtually unnoticed by at least some demographic groups, why should you be shifting towards more experiential forms of marketing? Read on to find out.

Create Greater Engagement

When you experience anything first hand, you will necessarily gain a greater understanding of it.True, everyone can react in different ways to experiential marketing and sometimes it can be difficult to predict.One person walking along an art gallery, for example, may have very different takeaways from what they have seen compared to the next person, after all.And yet, simply reading about what another person thought or experienced will never generate the same level of engagement.In this sense, experiential marketing is about ‘doing’ and not ‘saying’..

Make Shareable Moments

In a world where digital forms of marketing are becoming ever more important even among brands which do not directly serve consumer markets, the benefits of shareable moments should speak for themselves. Offer an experience that people will post about, share pictures of and even stream video content of themselves doing and your brand awareness ought to rise exponentially. This sort of organic virality can be boosted by the judicious use of photo booths that actively encourage people to take shots of themselves trying your products or services out. Providing photobooth opportunities during an experience increases the likelihood that your brand will be seen on multiple social media channels of all types, crucially always in a positive light.

Obtain the Attention of Mainstream Media

Although experiential marketing is great for both in-person and shareable new media moments, you should not overlook just how crucial the role of mainstream media can still be. For instance, pulling a stunt in front of a crowd may capture the attention of the people who are there so they feel like they have experienced something new or edgy. However, it can also lead to news stories in the press and fun items in the broadcast media if the idea is novel enough. A good example of how to hit the headlines would be doing something unique, such as setting a world record with lots of participants, especially when everyone involved has the chance to use photo booth software to capture the moment, of course.

Make Longer-Lasting Connections

Some studies have shown that brands which have adopted experiential marketing techniques for at least part of their marketing activities achieve longer-lasting connections among consumers. Anything that enhances an experience, it seems, goes into a part of the public’s imagination that they will recall with fondness down the line. Consequently, any brand managers who want to engender greater loyalty among their client base should prioritise their use of experiential marketing without any further delay.

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