VideoFX With 360 Booths

Make everything revolve around you with Snappic’s VideoFX functionality and your 360 Video Booth

Photo booths have always been a popular fixture at events, allowing guests to have fun and capture memorable moments.However, photo booths are not a new concept, and the usual still photo or boomerang can start to get a bit stale.With that said, say hello to the 360 video booth!. 360 video booths are taking the industry by storm and will elevate any photo booth experience.With Snappic’s VideoFX functionality and a 360 hardware solution you will have all angles covered..The awesome thing about using VideoFX with your 360 booth, is that you can set up a variety of different experiences for each event so you are not limited to simply doing a standard slow mo video.You are able to provide your guests with a multitude of fun and engaging experiences each time they use your booth..

Below are a few examples of what is possible with a 360 booth using Snappic:

Setting up your 360 Video Booth

By now you know that a 360 booth is more than just an arm that moves around your guests, while they strike a pose or do their favorite dance move.On its own, VideoFX is a powerful tool for creating really amazing content, but teamed with a 360 booth, the experiential options are endless..Below are some examples of awesome features, effects and filters that you can use to create the best experiences for your 360 booth. .

Filters and Effects

Our VideoFX feature offers you many filters and effects, which can be used on their own or blended together, to create jaw-dropping templates and experiences.We will go through some popular choices, but these are by no means your only options!Do some experimenting and find your favorite effects or combinations..Want to create a truly distorted sci-fi tech-like video?The Glitch TV effect will add a futuristic, digital experience to your 360 video experience...Disappearing.Transforming.Dissolving.These are the kind of video effects that come to mind when using our Jump Cut effect in VideoFX.A jump cut is when a single recording is broken with a cut that makes the guest appear to jump instantly forward in time..What is better than one amazing 360 video frame? Our Four Up video option allows you to divide the video up into four sections of equal size. The only limitation will be your imagination as you can customize each section as required. You can customize the number of recordings, effects, volume and whether you want the reverse feature or not. The Multiple Blend Overlay preset template allows you to create a fun video effect with a simple overlay. The Multiple Blend Overlay is just one of many great templates you can create with the blend mode option for your overlays, including lighten or dark, linear burn or colour burn and hard light, pin light or soft light.

Slow It Down (Slow-mo)

A popular setting for any 360 video booth is some form of slow-mo.It’s almost as if people are flying through time, while they do their thing.Or maybe you would even think of it as a matrix-style moment, whichever possible analogy – the idea is slow – and we’ve made that possible with Video FX!.

Glitched Jump Cut

Our Glitched Jump Cut is a fantastic preset template option for 360 booths.This template utilizes Chromatic Aberration (one of our many other effects), different speeds and pan and zoom to create a futuristic, yet retro and funky video experience..

Intro and Outro Videos

Introduce your brand!You have the option to upload a pre-recorded or pre-made video at the beginning or end of your recording...


Want to jazz up your 360 experience? Make your 360 videos pop, or rock, with a .mp3 or .m4a audio track that will play over the whole video.

Connecting a Bluetooth button to control the arm.

With all the hype and excitement, you would still need to consider a smooth execution at the event.We have thus made it possible to connect a Bluetooth remote control/trigger controlling the 360 booth arm at different speed options.Your guests can just hop on and simply focus on getting the best out of the experience while an attendee standing nearby can control the booth and direct the guests..Once the guest has had their turn on the 360 booth, they can just head over to an already set up sharing station, where they can then view and share their video while the next guest takes a turn on the booth.

360 Hardware

Don’t have a 360 booth yet?Snappic has integrated with OrcaVue 360 booths for a seamless experience.For more information about OrcaVue, please click HERE...For more information on our VideoFX feature or how to use it with your 360 photo booth, visit our website by clicking HERE

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