The Latest Photo Booth Software Features From Snappic

Snappic is an industry-leading iOS-based photo booth software.We have a long list of features that will help your photo booth business be the best it can be.. We are also constantly evolving, introducing new features and improving old ones to help make running your photo booth as smooth as possible...Here are a few new features that we have introduced in the last year that you might have missed: ..

1. VideoFX and DSLR

Releasing DSLR compatibility with our iOS-based app has been a game-changer for all iPad-based photo booth owners.Adding a DSLR to your existing setup allows you to introduce a premium product to your offering with minimal fuss...Snappic has taken it further by adding the ability to use your compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR/mirrorless cameras to take videos within our app.You can now utilize our VideoFX builder to create phenomenal video templates with high-quality DSLR videos.
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2. LUTs (Lookup Tables)

A LUT is a preset color look for your videos. For example, you could download or create a LUT with Sepia tones to create an old-timey look for your footage.Professionals have used LUTs for ages to create stylized and cinematic footage. Now you can make your videos stand out and look unique by adding LUTs to them directly in the Snappic app.This allows you to give your videos a specific, customized look. All you need to do is upload your own LUTs (which you can create yourself or download from an online source) when setting up your videos in the VideoFX builder.Check out this article to find out how to add LUTs to your videos.
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3. Airdrop

You can now select Airdrop as an additional instant sharing method at your events, which is fantastic for quick sharing to other iOS devices. To find out more, check out our Airdrop article.

4. New Client Analytics

Snappic’s analytics page now includes several customization options. You can choose the specific information you want to send to clients by selecting the different sections.We have also added the functionality to customize the look of the client-facing analytics page. You can now change the colors and add your own logo.
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5. Snappic’s Uploader App

The new Snappic Uploader app will allow you to upload media from external sessions directly to your Snappic event gallery (or microsite).These external sessions could be from a Windows Photo Booth software, Photo Array, a different 360 booth software, etc.Now you can utilize Snappic’s microsite, AI Sharing, and analytics with different photo booth software options.
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6. Master Overlay Mask

When uploading a Master Overlay onto your video in the VideoFX builder, you must ensure that your overlay contains transparency. Sometimes this isn’t easy to do without using software such as After Effects which supports video files with transparency.So to make this easier for you, Snappic has introduced the ability to upload an overlay mask directly in the builder. This means that if your overlay doesn’t have transparency, you can add a separate image or video (the overlay mask) to define where the transparency needs to be on your overlay by making the transparent parts black, and the parts you want to be shown in white.

7. Resolutions & Frame Rates

Snappic has added additional resolutions and frame rates in the VideoFX builder to give you more options when designing templates for specific social platforms.
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8. AI Sharing

This sharing method makes it so simple to get media from your events directly to your guests.AI sharing works with facial recognition and facial mapping. Your guests are taken to a website where they can take a selfie, and our software will create a personalized gallery of all the sessions they participated in at the event.Additionally, they will automatically receive a text or email (depending on the sharing method chosen) each time they visit the photo booth.This eliminates the need to share from the booth completely! To find out more, check out this article.
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So what are you waiting for?Sign up for a Snappic account today by visiting and chatting with one of our friendly support team members. You can get a free trial to test out our awesome software.

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Latest Photo Booth Software Features from Snappic

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