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Supercharge your Photo Booth Business with Snappic's Master Classes

Do you feel like your photo booth business could be earning you way more money? Are you struggling to stay ahead of the competition in your area?Snappic wants to help you out! Our photo booth software is a powerful tool in helping businesses succeed. We are constantly adding new and improved features so that you can create the best offerings for your clients.That’s why we are introducing monthly Master Classes for all of our users. These classes will help you build up your photo booth empire by giving you all the knowledge you need to succeed.
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What are Master Classes?

Snappic’s Master Classes will be pre-recorded lessons taught by one of our knowledgeable staff members. This will be a guided walk-through showing exactly how a feature works. After the lesson, a live Q&A session will take place where anyone can participate and interact with the host..

What are the benefits of attending Snappic's Master Classes?

Snappic has so many awesome features that can help enhance your photo booth business offerings.Ranging from the basic to the advanced, we have provided a solid foundation of features that will allow you to reach your business’s full potential.That being said, it can all get a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting up in the industry. As a beginner, you want a simple iPad-based photo booth solution that is stable and provides great output for your clients. Snappic provides just that, but we also cater to our users who are hosting larger-scale events for bigger corporations that require complex photo booth outputs.We have introduced many features which some users might not be aware of, or not know how to take advantage of. So if you have been using Snappic for a while, and want to take your photo booth business up a level by adding on some of our great features, then these Master Classes are for you.

Who will be hosting the Snappic Master Classes?

Julio – Co-founder of SnappicJulio has extensive knowledge of the Snappic app and will be an integral part of the Master Classes.He will often be available to help answer any questions you might have about the classes..Veronique – Customer Relations and Success Manager.Veronique has been with Snappic since 2019. She started out as a vital member of the online support team and has recently been promoted to the role of customer relations and success manager. She will be leading a lot of the Master Classes using her expertise on how the Snappic app works.Damir – Technical Support ManagerDamir has a background in photography and videography and will help lead the more technical classes when it comes to our VideoFX builder.

What topics will be covered in the Snappic Master Classes?

We have started these Master Classes to help our customers learn the ins and outs of the Snappic app. Therefore we’ll be covering everything about the app… From the basics to the advanced. Some examples of classes we will be covering in the future include:

The Basics

  • How to set up an event
  • Wired and Wireless Printing
  • QR Interaction
  • Basic VideoFX

More Advanced

  • Advanced VideoFX
  • Slideshow 2.0
  • 360 with iPad and iPhone
  • AI Sharing
  • Competitions
Interested in leveling up your photo booth business with Snappic? Then make sure you don’t miss out on any of our insightful Master Classes. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates on when the next class is happening, and make sure to register by visiting our website.

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