A Contactless Photo Booth in 3 Easy Steps

A Safer Photo Booth Experience

With vaccines rolling out, in-person events are slowly starting to return. This, however, does not mean that we can throw away our masks and socialize like it’s 2019. The big question remains, how will your guests have the best experience at your event whilst still ensuring they are safe from COVID-19?

A Contactless Photo Booth in 3 Easy Steps

Hygiene and safety is of utmost importance to everyone, including your guests.Don’t worry, you won’t need to constantly ensure you disinfect the photo booth between guests, because with Snappic’s QR touchless solution your guests won’t be touching the booth at all.Our QR Interaction feature allows you to set up a completely contactless photo booth solution at your event.While this feature isn’t entirely new to Snappic, it will certainly be beneficial to your guests going forward and will tick those corporate “covid conscious” boxes to ensure you meet your clients’ requirements.With Snappic’s contactless option, your guest won’t have to jump through hoops to make use of your contactless photo booth. An exciting, yet safe, photo booth experience is only 3 easy steps away. .

1. Scan Event QR Code

Guests no longer need to ‘Tap to Start’. Using their phone, your guests will scan an event-specific QR code to start the process. Once they’ve scanned the QR code, they will be directed to a fully branded mini-site to choose their experience.Our system automatically generates a unique QR code for your event.You will either add this as part of your attract screen or print it out and have it close to the booth..

2. Enter Sharing Details

Once they have chosen their experience and overlay option, your guests will then choose how they would like to receive their image- via text or email..You also have the option of sending guests a link to the branded mini-site before the event.They can then skip step 1, complete step 2 at home, and move straight to step 3 when they arrive at the event..

3. Scan guest-specific QR code on the iPad

Here is where the fun starts!..After your guests have completed the above steps, they will see a new QR code pop up on their mobile phone.Your guests can now walk up to your booth, scan this new QR code on the iPad, and the app will start the photo booth experience they have chosen.Once the session is complete, the app will automatically share the photo to the sharing info that they previously entered into the mini-site..Yes, it really is that simple!
Snappic LogoWhat if your guests wanted to use your photo booth again?The QR code that they initially generated on their phone can be used multiple times on your photo booth.
Although quite simple, the QR interaction feature is an incredibly effective Covid safety measure for events going forward. Guests can now attend events and still have an unforgettable experience whilst following Covid protocols.
Click HERE to see how you can set up a contactless photo booth at your next event. ..

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